Wellness & Spa

For wellness lovers, we have created a wellness area in our resort to enjoy precious moments of relaxation with a variety of benefits and beauty treatments.


In our resort, wellness knows no bounds: body treatments that immediately restore smoothness and radiance to the skin, 55-minute massages on the whole body to stretch the muscles and experience moments of pure relaxation.


Thanks to our relaxing and draining massages, you will discover the real pleasure of taking care of your body and mind. Surrounded by the scent of essential oils and warmed by sweet and enveloping touches, give yourself a moment of break that will seem to never end.


Our operators will be able to customize the treatments by combining different techniques and products to feel lulled by a pleasant sense of well-being. The treatments with clay, black salt and essential oils with Mediterranean aromas will restore light, tone and elasticity to your skin.


Detox and Vitamin C treatments for a rejuvenated, plumped and luminous skin with a wonderful feeling of general well-being.


Manicure, pedicure, scrub and epilation are our beauty treatments for a complete remise en forme, to rediscover the pleasure of feeling beautiful and comfortable with yourself and with others.