Erice is a wonderful Sicilian village rich in culture, history and traditions. From museums to civil monuments and the goodness of the place,
Erice is perched 750 meters high. From its «peak», the view over the Tyrrhenian coast is breathtaking.
The town is located just 15 kilometers from the heart of Trapani, another city rich in history and traditions, full of attractions to be discovered.


Perched on the top of the mountain, the medieval village of Erice, with its castle, is a maze of paved alleys that flow between churches, squares and ancient courtyards. Wandering among its typical climbs and descents, from Erice you can see truly unforgettable stretches of the Mediterranean and admire some of the most beautiful sunsets in Sicily. A village with a unique atmosphere, with ancient roots that have their origins in myth and imbue the walls of Erice with legend. Exploring this charming village with an always fresh air can give you moments to remember forever.


In Trapani, do not miss the “Via del Sale”, a salt route from Trapani to Marsala. The view of the salt flats and the ancient windmills (used to grind the salt) reflected in the water is simply enchanting. The salt pans are within a marvelous nature reserve, rich in the scents of Sicily. Taking the ferry from Trapani, in a few minutes you can get to Levanzo. The peculiarity of this town is the prehistoric Grotta del Genovese, in which it’s possible to see representations of people and animals dating back to about 10,000 years ago.